A generic Framework of Covid-19 Crisis Management in the Terminal ports

The case of Tangier Med Port


  • Chaimaa BENTAHER Economy, management and sustainable development
  • Dr BAKHAT Economics, management and sustainable developement
  • Dr RAJAA Economics, management and sustainable developement




Covid-19, port logistics, container terminal, supply chain, international trade, shipping


The Covid-19 pandemic, deemed atypical of its nature, has spread aftershocks of various powers on the various ties of the global economy, in addition to its acute symptomatic impact on human health. The characterization of the impacts of this health crisis and the reactions of stakeholders in maritime and port communities during its spread is based on the maritime supply chain, which serves as a true barometer for assessing the health of economic systems at the international and national levels. Afterward, the state of Tangier port Med against COVID19 is stated where we briefly indicate that according to the current health crisis world wild the situation in PTM is well handled economically and socially. In this paper, the monitoring and analyzing approach was developed to identify the factors affecting the system's operation as well as the various override options used by stakeholders in the maritime transport system during virus propagation. The paper aimed at developing a framework for terminal ports for health crisis management. As a result, digital use was one of the main results in managing the outbreak of Covid 19 in the digital age.

Author Biographies

Chaimaa BENTAHER, Economy, management and sustainable development

A Ph.D. candidate at ENCG (National school of Management) of Tangier, Morocco. Her research study focuses primarily on logistics management and digitalization in the logistics field.

Dr BAKHAT, Economics, management and sustainable developement

Rim Bakhat is a Ph.D. at ENCG (National school of Management) of Tangier, Morocco. Her research study focuses primarily on logistics management and risk assessment in industry and service sectors, where she specializes in data analysis using econometric techniques and decision science models. She received doctoral mobility from Cumhuriyet University Sivas Turkey in 2018 and the University of Malaga Spain in 2019.

Dr RAJAA, Economics, management and sustainable developement

Economics and management Dr and Professeur At Abdelmalik ESSAADI university 


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