The Tendency of Using Prohibited Substances in Olympic Games: With special reference to Rio Olympic Games-2016


  • P.D.Vimuckthi Charika Wickramaratne Department of Sport Science and Physical Education University of Kelaniya, Sri Lanka



Prohibited substances, Olympic participants, Olympic Games


Objective of this article is to find out the tendency of using prohibited substances by the participants who took part in the Olympic games which was held in Rio 2016. The study has done by using secondary data and data were gathered by the relevant books and the International Olympic Committee (IOC) websites. Gathered data were analyzed by the descriptive statistical analysis method. Some competitors have been suspended before the games and some were suspended during the games. Most of the weightlifters have been taken the prohibited substances and most of them are from Poland,Russia and Kazakhstan.World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) has changed the list of prohibited substances time to time.


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